Vocaloid High, is a high school for vocaloids, and due to the utau school burning down, it's for utauloids to learn too! The story follows Miku, as she goes through all the wonders of VOCALoid High!

Characters Edit


Miku Hatsune

Rin Kagamine

Len Kagamine

Luka Megurine





Chapter 1: The First Day Edit

I look at the huge building. So this is the boarding school... I nervously walk in, and try to find my way to the headmaster's office. I eventually find it, and walk in. Wait... There is a headmaster AND a headmistress! No way...

"Ah yes, Miku Hatsune. We've been expecting you." The headmaster says.

"Here is your thing that has a map of the school, shows you where your dorm room is, etc." The headmistress said while giving me the thing.

"You may leave now." Said the headmaster.

I leave and go to the girls dorms. I look into the thing, which says my dorm room is room number 12. I quickly find it, and open the door, and find that the dorm rooms are HUGE. On the left side, I find a bed, a desk, and a dresser. The right side has the same contents. I place my suitcase on the bed on the left. I then turn around and notice a girl no older than 14 organizing her items neatly and placing them in their proper place. (TBC)