Have you ever wondered what Vocaloid would be like if something were different about it?

Well, you're in luck! Cuz I'll write you a fanfiction like that!


  • You can use any Vocaloids, Utaus, and Fanmades at all.
  • Everything must be canon. No fanon or opinion, please!
  • Bad "what ifs" include:
    • ​"What if Len didn't have a crush on Rin?"
    • "What if Neru and Haku weren't BFFs?"
    • "What if Gumi wasn't Gakupo's sister?"
    • "What if Gakupo liked Miku instead of Luka?"
    • "What if Meiko didn't try to murder Kaito all the time?"
    • "What if Teto wasn't so annoying?"
    • "What if Tei didn't kill Len?" (Okay, when did she do that?)
  • Good ones include:
    • "​What if Rin and Len weren't siblings?"
    • "What if Gakupo wasn't a samurai?"
    • "What if Meiko was an UTAU?"
    • "What if Tei liked Kaito instead of Len?"
    • "What if Miku and Teto were secretly aliens?"
    • "What if Gumi had red hair?"
    • "What if Luka's breasts weren't so freakishly huge?"
  • Don't be afraid to go crazy! You can do a normal one, like mine about Tei liking Kaito, or a crazy one, like mine about Miku and Teto being aliens!