Story of Evil 2: Rise of the Kingdoms is an un-official sequel to the Story of Evil series by mothy. SoE 2 takes places 2 years after the events of the first SoE. This is a roleplay so you may enter.

Newcomers (WIP) Edit

  • Neru: Daughter of Gold
  • Teto: Maid of Rose

Returning Vocaloids with new roles Edit

  • Rin: Renewed Daughter of Yellow (She has turned over a new leaf since the 2 years and is now nice to the kingdom of yellow.)
  • Len: Reborn Servant of Yellow/Second in Command (He had help his sister since they were reunited and had earn the title 'Second in Command')
  • Miku: Resurrected Daughter of Green (She had married KAITO for 2 years and know is a mother of 3. Don't say anything like "Oh, but Miku and KAITO are only age 16.", because I know they're age 16.