Rin(left)and Len(Right)

NOTE! This story is only in Len’s perspective.

My name is Len Kagamine, and it’s 5:45 PM and playing my new game “Moon Tiger: Revenge of Zugon” with my friend Tony.

“Take this!” I shouted.

“Oh no you don’t!” Tony said

“Hey guys! Will you please quiet down! I’m trying to study here!” My sister, Rin yelled at us.

“Why are you studying so early? We can stay up till 11:30.” I asked.

“So I don’t fail the test!”

“I usually get A’s so I'll be alright.”

“Hey Len! Look at this” Tony said. He defeated me in one hit.

“How did you do that?” I asked him.

“I unlocked it! If the enemy made your heath go under half you can defeat the enemy in one hit! But not for bosses.”

“A little over powered, don’t you think?”


“When are you going to start studying?” Rin asked me.

“Later.” I told her.

A couple hours later

Oh no! Now what am I gonna do? It’s 11:00 and I have to go to bed at 11:30! Rin went to bed at 8:00. I better study! I opened the book and then fell asleep.

The next morning

“Good morning Len!” Rin said.

“Good morning.” I muttered half asleep, “This candy bar will help stay awake.”

“You should eat something healthy for breakfast on the day of a test!”

“I don’t care…”

At school

I called Neru.

“Hay do you remember the third math test answers for seventh grade?” I texted her outside the school.

“Why? Didn’t you study?”

“I fell asleep!” I told her and I think I heard her laugh.

“Let me Google it!” She said. I didn’t her phone had internet connection.

“All the answers are 42”

“Thank you! Bye!”

At the test

1) '52 X 63 is 42

2) '97 -1 is 42

3) '0+0 is 42

After the test

Oh come on! Rin is laughing at me I’m gonna get detention. Oh yeah, I failed the test.

“You asked Neru and she gave you 42?” Rin laughed.

“Stop laughing! It’s not funny!” I demanded

“Your right. It’s hilarious!” She continued to laugh.

After a couple of days, she stopped laughing. From that day forward, I’ll study before a test. Oh yeah, most impotent of all, I’ll never trust Neru again.